Learning Wizard Instructions:
To access your training please do the following:
1. Log on with the username and password provided by the Lottery or the ones you created during registration. The Google Chrome browser is recommended.
If you have forgotten your password and you are a Location Administrator, call Hotline at 1-888-487-9200.  If you have forgotten your password and you are a secondary user, contact your Location Administrator.
2. Available courses first appear on the 'Active' courses tab then move to the 'Completed' courses tab when you complete them. You may re-take courses as many times as you like. Re-launch them at any time from the 'Completed' courses tab.
3. You may print a certificate for any completed course by clicking on the 'View/Print" certificate link in the transcript menu.
For questions please call IGT Hotline at 1-888-487-9200.